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Top 10 Biggest Distractions Facing Truck Drivers

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A recent study conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s Division of Freight, Transit, and Heavy Vehicle Safety analyzed truck driver’s behavior to see what most frequently caused distraction for the driver. From here their behaviors were looked at even further to determine if the distraction created higher or lower risk of an accident occurring while driving. In November of 2022 the results were presented at the Fleet Safety Conference, and the results were quite unexpected.

The study took place over two years and had 5 cameras positioned in different driver focused spots of the truck. Various movements would trigger sensors which then generated the data that the Institute presented as final results of the study. The movements that caused triggers included, but were not limited to, lane deviation, sudden steering wheel jerks, and hard breaking.

From the data collected, the institute reported that the eight biggest disruptive driving distractions were:

-Reaching for an Object
-Adjusting or Monitoring Integral Vehicle Devices
-Removing and/or Adjusting Clothes
-Adjusting or Using Non-Dispatching Electronic Devices
-Reaching for Food or Drinks
-Adjusting or Using Dispatching Electronic Devices
-External Distractions

These eight distractions all were found to lead to greater risk of accident.
Alternatively, the study found two distractions that actually lead to less risk of accident.

These two distractions were:

-Talking and/or Singing

While it is hard to believe that any form of distraction actually is considered a positive in the world of trucking, it stands to reason that the two would be talking/singing and dancing. No one can deny that singing along to your favorite songs while having a little groove in your seat brings great joy to your life, and now it seems they may just make you a better driver too.

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