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Porsche 906 Recreated By Way Of Collage And It Looks Incredible

You are currently viewing Porsche 906 Recreated By Way Of Collage And It Looks Incredible
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Automotive artist extraordinaire, Heidi Mraz, has made a living out of creating collages of small details for her artistic process of making images out of images. In reviewing her website and her Instagram account, you can tell that she’s done this before. With a Ferrari 250 GTO, a Chevy Corvette 427 and even a 2011 Porsche Speedster. But nothing comes across more genuine than this Porsche she has been able to recreate out of seemingly nowhere.

By the one and the same, Porsche, Heidi Mraz has recently called a wrap on her most recent commission: it’s a Porsche 906 like no other, which specifically is modeled as the Porsche 906-134. This particular chassis number references to Paul Queally, who happens to be the co-founder of Monticello Motor Club.

What’s so cool about this Porsche?

The 906 was the original wind tunnel test subject. It was carefully designed underneath the careful eye of Ferdinand Piëch. He himself was a grandson of the founder, Ferdinand Porsche.

If you were to look at it from afar, you’d be able to tell no difference between the car and Mraz’s work. It looks just like the vehicle in real life. But upon close inspection, you can tell there’s a spread of varied newspaper clippings, advertisements and ad copy, ad infinitum.

From the looks of it, it’s uncanny. There’s an unmistakable uncanniness for how cool the vehicle appears from afar. The racecar has beyond 1,100 separate pieces that compose it’s greater existence. With this said, the classic enters a focal excitement unlike any other vehicle you may have seen racing in the streets before.

Mraz herself immerses entire stacks of data and research into making each piece more unique than the last. “Automotive design is art. But I also want them to really look at the car as an important part of the culture and see what it did for humans.” This is what she likes to say about her art.

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