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Reselling Your Car: Tips from the Experts

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Before you hand off your keys, you'll need these tips to sell your car.
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There are many reasons you may be thinking about reselling your car. Maybe you just moved to a very walkable city and are going to go carless for a while. Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your ride to something nicer. Whatever your reasons, you don’t need to stress about the resale process. At Global Auto Transportation, we’ve helped people all over the US sell their vehicles, and we can help you, too! Here are our tips for reselling your car.

Wash your car thoroughly

Nobody likes cleaning up someone else’s mess. Though you may not notice it, over the years of owning a car, dust and grime accumulate in places that aren’t immediately obvious to the eye. If you want your car to make a good first impression, you should make sure it gets a deep clean. If you’re selling your car to someone who comes and meets you in person, this will make you look like you know what you’re doing, giving you greater power during negotiations. And if you’re selling it online, it will make your car an attractive option for buyers, especially if you follow our next tip.

Take good, well-lit photos

A huge part of any resale process is advertising. The best way to advertise your car to potential buyers is to take good photos. Most person-to-person car sales happen thanks to online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. On these sites, the photos you take are the only thing that people can use to know exactly what they will be getting. So make sure to take your car somewhere where the light hits it nicely, whether that be your driveway or a nearby open road, and take your time taking good quality photos. This will improve your car’s chances of selling for a price you will like.

Ship it with the pros

If you sell your vehicle online, there’s a good chance you’ll have to get the car to a destination far away from you. So, how do you get it there? Do you drive the car yourself and risk it getting damaged on the road? Or do you trust the professionals at Global Auto Transportation to ship it for you? The choice is clear. With a service like our enclosed auto transport, you’ll know that your car will arrive in perfect condition. You don’t want to risk your customer finding their new car unacceptable and demanding a refund. With us, that possibility gets eliminated, and you can rest easy knowing your car is in the right hands.

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