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The Most Famous TV Cars of All Time

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The Mystery Machine is one of the most iconic TV cars.
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Ever since the early days of the television industry, we have seen cars of all kinds take on a leading role. Automobiles have grown and changed at the same time as television, so we have been able to watch the progression of both. We can look back and see cars considered old-timey and we can look back and see cars considered super-futuristic high-tech. Some cars in shows truly became so iconic, they were their own character. Many cars are so recognizable that people can identify a famous car from a show they never even watched. These cars are some of our favorite famous vehicles in all of television history.

The Batmobile – Batman

This car earns the title of arguably the most iconic car in television history. The literal superhero car was meant to be extremely sleek and advanced for its time. This car was originally bought for $1 and then transformed into the iconic ride we can watch today.

Volkswagen T2A – Lost

Lost was a significant cultural phenomenon for much of early 2000s television. The show featured a mysterious vintage Volkswagen and even caused a spike in interest for the model type. The actual car featured in the show sold for nearly $50,000 in an auction.

The Mystery Machine – Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

Even animated, this car left an impact on people. The groovy, hippie-esque design of the van perfectly represented the characters from Mystery Incorporated. It also beautifully encapsulates the time at which the show was first aired.

The Bluth Family Stair Car – Arrested Development

The show was one of the first ones to get a reboot in the era of reboots and with good reason! The comedy of this show changed a lot of comedy overall, so it is no surprise that the funny-looking car left a mark in many people’s brains.

Munster Koach (Model T/Hearse) – The Munsters

This famous monster family naturally needed a famous monster car to accompany them on their adventures. The ‘Munster Koach’ was a hybrid between a hearse and the Model T Hot Rod. This custom made car matched the spooky aesthetic perfectly!

The General Lee – The Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazard featured a lot of famous imagery, like classic daisy duke shorts named after the character Daisy Duke and The General Lee. This car was a Dodge Charger and eventually was just called The General and stood as a famous piece from the eighties classic.

Ferrari – Miami Vice and Magnum P.I.

Ferrari had two famous models on TV, one driven by Don Johnson’s detective character in Miami Vice, and one played by Tom Selleck’s P.I. character in Magnum P.I. While the two shows featured two different Ferrari models, they both became iconic and led to many associating the car company with investigative work.

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