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The Perks of ELDs in Trucking

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Electronic logging devices, also known as ELDs, are the one of the latest new things in trucking industry technology. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated the use of ELDs for most commercial truckers last December. The goal is to improve both road and personal safety. Since then, ELDs have been the talk of the trucking industry.

While it seems that many truckers have opposition to the ELDs, after being so used to the old way of paper logbooks, there are actually several perks to the latest technology. For one, with the use of ELDs, there is much more data collected on fleet operations. Having this data can help with implementing changes and fixing errors in the industry.  

Additionally, both drivers and fleet owners can benefit from the use of ELDs. For example, with the ELDs using GPS information, carriers can get a better idea of road conditions or scheduling. Knowing where a driver is currently located gives more information about the status of a shipment. As a result, the technology is essentially a gateway to more technologies in trucking. Perhaps with the proper use of ELDs, other products can enter into the trucking world more seamlessly.

New and Improved Industry

ELDs also help to identify other issues in the trucking industry. As Thomas Bray, a transportation consultant with J.J. Keller & Associates Inc., stated: “Other carriers have seen the introduction of the ELD as an opportunity to incorporate improvements, such as better communications with the driver, position and route tracking, delay tracking, driver performance tracking, and actual fuel mileage tracking.”

Another perk for truckers is that now that logs are electronically recorded, truckers have less paperwork to focus on. Now, instead of using that time to write out records, truckers can utilize their time for other tasks. So, it seems that there are many perks with the latest technology in trucking. What do you think about ELDs in the trucking industry?

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