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Global Auto Transportation is a carrier specialized in truck shipping. We have helped countless people with moving their big trucks all across United States.

 Have a bucket truck, box truck, semi truck, sweeper truck, garbage truck or even an ice cream truck? We are looking forward to helping you.

No matter where your truck needs to go, we will work hard to ship it there quickly, safely and in a timely fashion.

Our Truck transport is equipped with all necessary tools, trailers and expertise to be your full-fledged heavy truck transport company.

It’s very simple, start by filling out the information on “get a truck transport quote” and we will take it from there.

Our team prides itself on coming up the best truck shipping quotes in the industry. Unlike other truck transport companies, GAT transport won’t “nickel and dime” you. Instead, we will give you free door-to-door delivery and pickup. Other companies might charge you for door-to-door delivery while at Global Auto Transport we offer it for free.

Once your truck has been picked up right at your door, we will work hard to keep you in the loop. Most of our heavy truck transport orders can be completed in a few days. It depends on when your truck is headed exactly.


Note that during transport, your truck might get some road dust, but other than that your truck will look just as good as you handed it to us.

If you are willing to ship your truck, or interested to get more information on our truck shipping services, please feel free to contact us anytime. Furthermore,we will be happy to talk to you and discuss the details of your truck shipping.

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