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COVID-19: America’s Deadliest Pandemic Surpassing the 1918 Flu

COVID-19 is now the most fatal outbreak in present U.S. history. It is going back to the estimated U.S. fatalities from the 1918 influenza pandemic. This is according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. COVID-19 Fatalities are Rising On Monday, there was a reported U.S. death due to COVID-19 that crossed 675,000. In fact, they are rising at an average of more than 1,900 fatalities per day. This is…


U.S. Considering Cooperation With Taliban to Fight ISIS-K in Afghanistan

The U.S. military is seriously thinking of coordinating with the Taliban in their seemingly shared effort to defeat the Islamic State group's branch in Afghanistan. They are ISIS-K. This is what the Pentagon's top officer said. Even as he described went ahead and describing the insurgent group that now is ruling Kabul as "ruthless." What mess this unconscionable tragedy has become! Joining Forces with the Tailban "It, in fact, is…


Afghanistan Unraveling Poses Threat to Biden’s So-So Foreign Affairs

Afghanistan and its security situation, unfortunately, have dramatically deteriorated. It is faster than President Joe Biden and his most senior national security officials have, in fact, anticipated. What is worse is leaving the White House to rush to stave off the worst effects of a Taliban takeover. Afghanistan and the Safety of Personnel in the American Embassy Moreover, the Biden administration has launched a dramatic series of moves on Thursday…


President Joe Biden’s Border Crisis is a National Emergency

President Joe Biden, on his first day in office, had officially rescinded the proclamation thus declaring a national emergency at the Southern border. Then Biden cut off funding for the border wall. He went forth and proceeded to gut virtually all of the Trump-era policies to reduce illegal immigration. This would include the successful Remain in Mexico policy. President Biden's Reckless Actions Have Consequences Moreover, the repercussions of Biden's "see…


Capitol Riots: Divisions get in the way of Finding the Answers

Capitol riots continue to perplex lawmakers as there are more questions than answers surrounding it. Lawmakers on January 6th did in fact face threats from rioters as they stormed (oooh!) the Capitol to literally stop the certification of President Joe Biden's election victory (yeah right...). Capitol Riots: Six Months Later Now, six months later, much about the deadly attack continues to remain unsolved as political tensions reach new heights. This…


Chinese Rover And Lander Arrives On Mars As It Turns Out

Chinese rovers are roaming the planet. And you can see in some photos that the rover itself had been taking over the entire planet with all sorts of moxie. There were small flags seen in photos that were release Friday. The China National Space Administration are pretty obsessed with showing the upper stage of the Zhurong rover. The Zhurong rover was so smart that it placed a camera likely 10…


Donald Trump Defiantly Hits Back at Prosecutors Over Criminal Probe

Donald Trump, the former president, freedom fighter, and a lightning rod for basically everything, has now been impeaching twice, as well as suing many times. This includes more than 100 lawsuits after being electing. In addition, to be investigating on the allegations he was trying to subvert the election results in Georgia, a state he lost in 2020. Donald Trump is Being Punished Again Now the civil inquiry is moving to…


Wages and Benefits in the U.S. Jump as the Economy Reopens

Wages and benefits grew fast for U.S. workers in the first three months of the year. This, is in fact, proof that businesses are starting to offer higher pay to fill newly-opening jobs. Wages and Benefits Rose In the January-March quarter, U.S. workers’ total compensation rose 0.9%. In more than 13 years, it was the largest gain, the Labor Department said. Moreover, that is up from 0.7% in the final…


Plus, IVECO Partner to Develop Autonomous Trucks

Plus has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IVECO. Plus is a global self-driving technology. IVECO is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. and a pioneer in the commercialization and manufacturing of vehicles powered by alternative fuels. The two companies, under the MOU, will work collaboratively to develop autonomous trucks that will be deployed across China, Europe, and other areas. Autonomous Driving System IVECO and Plus will integrate IVECO's…


Vice Presidents don’t Have to Return Salutes – nor do Presidents

Vice presidents do not need to return salutes from military service members, the Pentagon confirmed on Wednesday. This was right after critics of Kamala Harris firmly believe that she had on purpose disrespected an honor guard. The guard was welcoming her aboard Air Force 2. Not Everyone Agrees with the Pentagon Regarding the Salute, in Fact, There is Outrage Over it! Bernard Kerik, tweeted DISGRACEFUL. He is the former New…

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