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Illinois auto transport

Illinois Auto Transport

Are you planning a trip to Illinois, or relocating there for your job or studies?

Illinois, nicknamed “the Prairie State,” is one of the Midwestern states of the US and the sixth most populated state in the country. As of the 2017 estimated population, over 12.8 people live there. The state borders Indiana in the east and the Mississippi River in the west. It is usually noted as the microcosm of the entire nation, as there is much diversity in terms of landscape, cities, and resources. There are forests, rolling hills, farmland, and wetlands throughout the state. The major city of Chicago sits in the northeast, with other small industrial cities and production of agriculture in the northern and central parts of the state. There are also natural ports around the world located in Illinois. They can access different bodies of water through the Great Lakes.

There are countless attractions throughout the state of Illinois. Many are located within Chicago, one of the biggest cities in the country and a popular tourist destination. For example, there is the Willis Tower, a 110-story skyscraper in Chicago. It is an iconic building with extensive views of the city. There is also Millennium Park, a public park that contains the famous “Bean” sculpture. In terms of nature, there is much to see along the different lakes. For example, there is the Navy Pier, a 3,300-foot-long pier along the shore of Lake Michigan. This draws many people with its restaurants, shops, fireworks, and carnival rides.

Essentially, there is something for everyone in Illinois. So, whether you are heading to Illinois to visit or moving there permanently, GAT can help by getting your vehicle there with you!

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If you plan to travel or move to Illinois, you’ll need your vehicle there with you to get from place to place. Global Auto Transportation can help you with our stress-free vehicle shipping services. With us, you can ship almost any vehicle imaginable – trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles, boats, trailers, and more. GAT has the necessary equipment and licenses to ship these vehicles for you, anywhere to or from Illinois. So, don’t waste your time, money, and resources driving your vehicle all the way to your new location. Instead, let GAT pick up your vehicle from its current home and drop it off at your new destination.

GAT strives to give the best quality services at the most affordable prices. But, our prices do vary depending on the factors of your shipment. This means that details like the distance of the shipment and the type of car you need shipped contribute to the overall cost.

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Call us at (888) 803-0501 for more info about Illinois Auto Transport. We can’t wait to work with you on all your vehicle shipping needs to or from Illinois!

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