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alaska car shipping

Looking for reliable Alaska Car Shipping?

Alaska is an American state located on the northwest of the continent and borders with Canada, Russia, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Alaska is the largest state in the country by area and also the 4th least populated. It’s the 48th state of the US and was bought from Russia in the 19th century.

Alaska is a big state, so weather differs from place to place. It’s milder close to the Pacific Ocean, but further to the north, it gets much colder. Winters are tough and summers are short and cool. In some areas summers can even be quite warm.

Alaska is a popular tourist destination. It’s not like any other place in the US. People come here to find and see something unique. There’re a lot of famous rivers and lakes in Alaska, and the options for outdoor fun are endless. For example, how does dog mushing sound to you? Or watching the Northern lights? Or wolves and bears? And that’s not it. There’re also a lot of great events in Alaska, as well as options for nightlife, shopping and enjoying arts and culture. No wonder so many people visit Alaska in any season.

Alaska Car Shipping

Wherever you travel and no matter the reason, it’s nice to have your car with you. Of course, considering the location of Alaska, there’s no way you can just drive there, so auto transport services can be really helpful for you. Global Auto Transportation knows it all about moving vehicles. We have a lot of experience in Auto Shipping nationwide. Our company has helped thousands of people to move their vehicles to and from Alaska.

Rates for Alaska Car Shipping depends on things like the type of your vehicle, car transport method, timing, etc. For example, enclosed car transport will cost more but it ensures the full security of auto shipping. The urgent car transport (expedited) is more expensive as well. But we guarantee the best rates in the market for our Alaska Car Shipping services. We’ll beat any other price!

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