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If you are on that stage of your life when you are moving far away, you have a lot on your mind. There are many things you need to take care of and moving your vehicle is one of them. The safest and easiest way to do that is to ship a car using car haulers services. It will save you money and stress, and it’s safer both for you and your vehicle than driving all the way. Your only concern will be only to find reliable car haulers. Also there are some things you need to know dealing with auto shippers it’s useful to know before booking.


Car HaulersCar Haulers: Useful Tips

The first thing we’d like to advise you is you better plan ahead. If you know the exact dates and your plans, it’s time to call car shippers. The best time would be two weeks prior the desired pick up. Some auto haulers can provide you with express car shipping but it costs more. Also when you use it, there’s still no guarantee your vehicle is picked up as soon as you need it. But if you call car carriers early enough, you have more chances to get the dates you want to. So this way it is less to pay and also less to worry about.

Also you have to choose what kind of auto haulers you’re looking for. There are open and enclosed car carriers. Open trailers are cheaper to book and also usually more available. That is why it’s the most common method of car shipping. It is also safe. The only things to worry about are road dirt, dust and flies. Also your vehicle will be exposed to weather conditions. But apart from this it is secure to ship with open car haulers.

There are also enclosed car carriers. They’re usually useful for classic car transport and exotic auto shipping. Enclosed trailers are perfect for vehicles that need special care. But it is also pricier to use this method of car transport.

Remember to shop around when you’re choosing what car carriers to book with. Don’t hurry up to book with the cheapest car haulers. Check their ratings first not to end up with an unreliable car shipping company. This type of car transporters can easily raise a price after you have already agreed to ship with them. Cheap car movers also can damage your car. It is the worst case scenario but it happens.

Check different car haulers’ reviews and ratings. This will help you make the right choice. Look for reviews on independent sites like Yelp and see which auto haulers have the best ratings. While people’s opinions are subjective, they can give you the right idea.

We will be happy to tell you more about auto transport. Give our agents a call. Global Auto Transportation will be glad to assist you!

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