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When you order car transport, you need to make sure you have properly prepared for this process.


Car transport process consists of two parts:

> Preparing a car for shipping. Which a customer does.

> The auto shipping company inspects the car.


So how does Auto Transport process go?

> Planning ahead

If you know that you are going to need car transport, you better plan ahead. Hence, this way you will likely get the dates you want. Otherwise, your shipping can be considered expedited and that’s more expensive.


> Cleaning out your car

Your cleans needs to be clean prior to picking up. Don’t leave anything inside the car. Any items inside of your vehicle won’t be under insurance. Though, if you still want to keep anything inside, let the agent you’re working with know!


> Check your car

Check your vehicle for scratches and minor damages. It’s a good idea to have a checklist you can give to the company before the pick-up.


> Remove any loose parts

There shouldn’t be any loose parts. For example, if you have an antenna on your card, you should remove it. Also, the car carrier is not responsible for those parts.


> Pick-up (and drop-off)

This depends on kind of auto transport services you’ve chosen. First of all, if you do door-to-door transport, your car will be picked up and dropped off at your location. But sometimes when it is not available you will have to use nearby parking lots or terminals.


> Loading

When the driver comes to pick up your car, it gets loaded on the trailer. Also, the driver makes sure this task is done carefully so the car travels safely.


> Unloading

When auto transport is done, your car gets dropped off. All the details like the time and place must be clear from the very start. Furthermore, the chosen location has to be safe enough for the drop-off.

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