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Moving away means a lot of planning and things to take care of. You have to decide what you are going to do with all the furniture. You need to take care about loads of papers. And among all of those things you need to figure out there is also car moving.


What are you going to do with your car when you move? Your relocation can be a great excuse to get a new car but selling your car and buying a new one is stressful enough. You have got enough on your plate with moving already.Car Moving


You can also drive your car to your new place. But when it’s far, is it a good idea? First of all, it’s dangerous. When you are tired at the wheel, it gets really risky. Not to mention, long road trips are quite pricey. Obviously, you have to pay for gas. Then, if you stay in a motel to take some rest, you have to pay for the room. Not to mention, long distance will add tear and wear to your car. So this option is probably not the best.


Car moving is the easiest way for you to ship your car. If you ship with good car carriers, it is really stress-free for you. You just call a car shipping company and discuss all the details. You choose a method of shipping (open or enclosed) and then decide on the dates of pick up and drop off. After you prepare your car and the driver inspects it, it is good to go. You will get it back at the drop off location. With a reliable car shipping company it is that easy!


Tips for your Car Moving

Try and plan on your car shipping well ahead. Express car transport (when you ship ASAP) is more expensive. It’s really better when you contact car carriers two weeks before your desired pick-up date. It gives you a better chance to get the dates that work best for you.


Also, don’t go for the lowest price. There’s enough of scam in the auto shipping industry. Most of the time, when you get a very low price, it will go up. Take time to do some research before choosing a company to ship with.


Clean your car and inspect it before shipping. Note if there are any existing damages and take pictures. Also don’t transport any items inside of your car, because they will not be insured.


GAT hopes that your car moving will be easy and secure. Call us and we will be happy to answer your questions. We can also provide you with a free quote. You can all us to get it or request it from our website. We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best kind of car moving. And we will be happy to ship for you!

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