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> Global Auto Transportation is reliable and affordable. Since 2006 we have been helping our customers, dealers, auto sellers and buyers with car transport. During this time we have shipped over 73000 vehicles. (Read our reviews to see what our customers think)

> We can handle any kind of vehicle. No matter if it is a heavy truck or a classic car, Global Auto Transportation will ship it safely and securely.

> Beat that price! We’ll do our best to get the best rate for you.


Our Car Shipping Service Includes:

– Safe loading and unloading


Car shipping has been around for quite some time. Years ago it was used mostly by big companies, but today almost anyone can afford to ship their car. Many people enjoy the convenience auto transport services have to offer. When you’re going on a long vacation or a business trip or relocating, auto shipping can be a real helping hand for you.

And the best news is that it doesn’t even cost a fortune!

In fact, the sheer number of auto transport companies that have popped up within the last decade has helped to create a more competitive industry.

Car Transport Process


You will have to get your car ready for car transport, but don’t worry: it’s simple and doesn’t take much time. Our agents will provide you with useful tips and make sure everything goes smoothly. We believe that car shipping doesn’t need to be a hassle. And we promise that with us it won’t be!


Choosing a method

Open Car Shipping

It’s the most common and affordable way to ship your car. You might have seen open car carriers delivering cars many times on American highways.


Enclosed Auto Transport

Exotic cars owners prefer this method. If you choose this, your vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed trailer that ensures complete protection. It will save your car from bad weather and rough roads. And even from road dust!



Your insurance company may cover your car while in transit. You can check with them to see if you’ll be covered. Even if you’re not, auto transport companies will cover the cost of any damage that can happen during the shipping process.

And, remember, while auto transport companies will insure your vehicle during transport, they DO NOT insure personal items left in the car. Your homeowner’s policy may cover these articles. Be sure to check with your insurance company if you can put things in your car before it’s shipped. However, it’s better not to leave anything in your car when you want to ship it.

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