Enclosed Car Transport

    Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport offers the best protection for your vehicle during shipping. We know that when you transport an expensive or custom car, you need the best car transport service and that is what enclosed auto shipping is. First of all, it will save you time because you won’t have to drive for long miles. Second, it is convenient and absolutely secure. No long distance driving anymore. No dangers of open roads. Car Shipping is the best option to move your car out of state.

Enclosed car transport

When your vehicle is being shipped enclosed, it is placed inside a safely enclosed trailer. Of course, there is no risk of damage from other vehicles or debris, and no need to worry about weather conditions or road dirt. And this is the real difference between open and enclosed car shipping.


When we place a vehicle inside the trailer, we cover it on all side. It is a guarantee your vehicle will not be exposed to bad weather or any other damages. Our clients have no worries about their cars being shipped from one state to another because they know we will take care of it. No more stressing about car’s condition on the road!


The cost of enclosed auto transport is higher comparing to open car transport but it is still cheaper than driving your car yourself. We do enclosed car transport for all types of services we provide. But if this option is too pricey for you, you can always choose open car transport.


  Enclosed Car Transport is perfect for:

•   Exotic cars
•   Vintage cars
•   Classic cars
•   Luxury cars
•   Collectible and Sport cars

So once you choose to ship your car enclosed, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

 What you should look for:

•    Quality of service
•    A reliable transport company
•    Years of the experience that the shipping company has
•    Delivery options that the company offers

Call one of our live agents now and they will answer all of your questions about shipping cars. We will be happy to ship for you!

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