Expedited Car Shipping

We all know that time is truly the most expensive thing in the world. And sometimes we can’t afford waiting. The same can happen when you need to ship a car. There are not that many car shipping companies that can help you with that. That is why the price for expedited car shipping can be rather high. But when auto transport is really urgent, the price can very well be worth paying. expedited car shippingSo when you need expedited shipping for your vehicle, what should you do? And what should you expect?


What shipping your car expedited means is that it will be picked up as soon as possible. Auto shippers usually ask for a 2 day window, although on weekends it can be harder to arrange this type of car shipping. When an agent gets an order for expedited auto transport, he needs to find a car carrier close to the client’s location. The problem is that sometimes there is no one in the area who can pick up the vehicle.


Expedited car shipping only means a faster pick up. When transport is in the process, there is no way to make it quicker. Drivers can’t go faster than laws allow and there is a limit for a number of hours they can be on duty without rest. Still, you will get your car much faster than you would with standard shipping.


Global Auto Transportation Expedited Car Shipping

At Global Auto Transportation we want to be sure you get your vehicle delivered at the right time. And even though the rates for this kind of transport are high, we always try to get you the best deal. We have enough trucks all around the US to be able to pick up cars at any location as soon as possible.


When you need safe and fast car transport service, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to ship for you!

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