Snowbird Transport Services

We offer our customers different kinds of car transport. Among these services we also have Snowbird Auto Transport services. For our snowbirds, during the top snowbird seasons, we have special offers, which is including services like Express Auto Transport from state to state. Snowbird Auto TransportWe understand your desire to escape from cold winters and have a nice warm vacation in the south.


Having your car right there where you need it on time is as important for us as it is for you. You can just shop around online and look for the best prices and offers. However, we advise you not to spend your time on looking for the cheapest ones. Why? The reason is very simple. Car shipping companies have many vehicles to choose from, so often if you don’t want to pay more, your vehicle will not be transported soon. Some auto transport companies just don’t tell this to their customers.

TD HanddrawnArrowsSnowbird Auto Transport Services

So everything is ready to move to the south? The only thing left is the car shipping. We know how difficult and risky it is for you to drive all the way to the other residence. This means less sleep, less rest, long roads to drive often accompanied with bad weather conditions. So all you need to do is just to give us a call. No need to drive long distances or spend money on renting a car when you can simply ship yours. We understand how important your comfort is for you. We’ll ship your car to Arizona, California, Texas or Florida without any problems or delays. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, we will ship it to you safely and securely. Our team is there to help you.


TD HanddrawnArrowsEnclosed auto shipping for our “snowbirds”

Aside from the most common open car shipping, we provide enclosed auto shipping for our snowbird customers. This means your car will be transported in an enclosed trailer for its best protection. Our professional team will do their best to ensure your vehicle’s safety. For more convenience, we provide door-to-door car transport. While you are taking your plane and having a trip to the south, your car will be transported to you.


Shipping a car is easy and affordable with Global Auto Transportation. Contact us today for free quotes!

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