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The Different Kinds of Enclosed Transport

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Enclosed transport protects your car from the elements.
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At Global Auto Transportation, we are pleased to offer a variety of auto transport services for every person’s needs. We have options that are perfect for anyone, no matter what their circumstances may be. One way you can see this is in the different kinds of enclosed car transport that you can find on our site. But what are the differences between these types of shipping? We’ll break it down for you so you can choose the right service for you.

Soft-Side Enclosed Transport

Soft-side enclosed trailers are breathable, light, and yet still very protective. Most people choose enclosed transport because they don’t want their car to sustain any damage during transport. This damage usually comes from weather or road debris, and soft-side trailers completely protect your car from these dangers. Soft-side trailers also come with the added benefit of increased airflow. Have you recently painted or washed your car? Soft-side transport will provide the perfect environment for your car to air out a bit. For protection and breathability, soft-side enclosed shipping is the way to go.

Hard Side Enclosed Transport

Some people need a little bit more protection for their cars. Maybe they’re worried about a potential accident or even bad actors coming to steal or steal from their cars. With hard-side enclosed shipping, your car will receive the height of security. Nothing could possibly harm a car in our solid metal trailers. This is why many owners of exotic or rare cars choose this method of transport. They know that their car needs to stay completely out of harm’s way, and hard-side transport is the best way to ensure that happens. For the peace of mind that comes with certainty, choose hard-side enclosed shipping.

Hot Shot Auto Transport

Hot Shot auto transport is our expedited option for enclosed shipping. If you need your exotic, rare, or expensive car as soon as possible, then you should look into hot shot transport. With this service, your car will either get its own dedicated trailer or be paired with fewer cars than normal. This way, we won’t have to spend as much time coordinating schedules and loading other people’s cars. That’s why this service has the name it does: we make sure you get treated like the hot shot that you know you are.

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