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New York City is a city in the state of New York. It is the most populated city in the US and of of the most populated in the world. It’s located on one of the largest harbors. New York consists of five boroughs. Winters in New York are rather cold. It snows during winter. In summer it’s hot and really muggy. In fall and spring the weather in New York is quite unpredictable. It can be either cool or warm, and change from day to day. Hurricanes don’t strike often. When that happens, the results can be really bad for the city.


New York is a major world economy center. All the spheres are developed here. Banking, world trade, real estate. Tourism, media, finance. Art, fashion, theatre. The list’s very long. A lot of big corporations are headquartered in New York. The Big Apple attracts business, capital and tourists alike. The city is also the world capital of adversity. The PR agencies on what is called Madison Avenue make billions of dollars. Another thing New York is known for is chocolate export.


The Big Apple has a very special vibe of a huge city. When you come here, it might seem a little crazy. Crowds of people are rushing through the streets. The traffic is loud and never ending. The prices are closer to the skies than famous skyscrapers. The mix of faces, languages, smells is overwhelming. The pulse of New York goes right through you. No wonder so many people want to feel it themselves. The streets and walls of the Big Apple saw lots of people the world history will never forget. Not to mention all those sight many of us want to see with our own eyes. Who haven’t heard of the Times Square? Who would ever say no to going to a Broadway show? Who doesn’t know how the Statue of Liberty looks? New York is alive inside of each of us. No surprise lots of people tend to want to go there.


GAT New York Auto Transport

One day you mind find yourself among those people. No matter the reason, you will probably want to have your car with you. It’s a better option than spending money on taxis or renting a car. The question is how to move your car with you? Driving yourself for about ever is likely not an option. We advise you to consider New York Auto Transport. GAT is specialized in auto shipping across the country. We can help you with car transport to or from New York. With our services New York Auto Transport won’t be a hassle! We can ship any vehicle no matter running or not. You can trust our New York Auto Transport services. GAT will get your car to or from New York safe and in time!


To find out more and book a shipment, just contact us! Our agents will be happy to answer your phone call.

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